(This was originally shared on Ben Slavic's blog in April of 2010 when it was a public venue.)

So many of the characters in stories and PQA are right off the walls. For example, in Picasso’s painting The Old Guitarist, of which I have a copy hanging in the room, the skinny white-haired guy is called ‘Jesus Stefanopolis’ by one of my classes. Just the other day he proposed to one of my students, well actually two of them. The wedding will be taking place soon! Just another intriguing context to flood students with CI, and to target a couple if I choose.

I was reminded by Nathan Black and Ben of the amazing power of pictures in the language class. I find this most helpful with people pictures. Lately I have been using songs in the classroom as backward planning guides. Interest has increased since putting up a simple 9X12 color photo of the artist whose song we are learning. Not only that, but like Jesus Stefanopolis, they become the antagonists (or less often the protagonists) in our stories.

(Is it just me, or is Chuck Norris the best antagonist ever in H.S. TPRS classes? Justin Bieber is a close second.)

Back to the wallflowers. Why is Diego Torres so sad (direct attention to sad look on handsome singer’s face)? Someone broke up with him (sympathetic “ahhhh”). Soon we learn that Becky broke up with him. Because he chews with his mouth open?

And we’re off…

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