CI Stout -- Why I've begun blogging

For the last 8 years, I've been getting quite drunk on CI Stout. That is, a dark and tasty beverage ma de of Krashen malts, Blaine Ray oatmeal and a healthy pinch of Slavic hops, brewed by some damn fine brewmeisters. Every one of you that I've ever been blessed to observe, or learn a language from, or talk with or read, have contributed to the drunken stupor that I find myself in. It's your fault. And I'm starting to vomit. I can't help it. I need to do it. It will surely make me feel much better. I've been non-stop imbibing some really good brew in the company of a gregarious crew and just lost track of how many I had I suppose. All that I can do at this point is hope that some recognizeable chunks of what I've ingested spew forth in the process. And surely hair of the dog in the morning. Cheers!

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