Job #2 - Attendance Boss

I label this in English so that substitutes teachers can find what they're looking for

I don't like to spend time taking attendance. When the bell rings, I say "Buenos Dias" and the class responds in kind, and we're off. We lose enough time with interruptions and announcements and wasps and what not, I'd rather not spend 3 minutes checking boxes and calling out names. This is why the second job I assign is Attendance Boss (In Spanish: Jef@ de Asistencia).

Attendance Boss is not only responsible for taking roll as soon as class begins. She also adjusts the seating chart if I move somebody from one seat to another. This inevitably happens at the beginning of the year when students are adding/dropping courses. And when I realize that Joe can't sit next to Kimmy because they want to chat all the time. Or when Monica announces she must sit up front because she can't read the board.

She knows where this binder will be when she comes into class and she grabs it. It stays with her throughout the class, and is returned to my desk when class is over. When pages start to fall out because the holes inevitably give out, she fixes it by reinforcing the holes with tape and repunching them. I do not have time to do all this menial work. I'm busy teaching Spanish.

Attendance Boss serves teacher and class. Thanks Attendance Boss!

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