Job #3 - Magic Notebook Guardian

Just another name for secretary. In Spanish s/he is called Guardián/Guardiana del Cuaderno Mágico.

I don't like my students taking notes during class because they are supposed to be communicating with me interpersonally. Especially during the first several months of class.

composition notebooks for each class

(In-need-of-some-style magic notebooks at one of the schools I teach at... graced by the presence of a Boulanger Mug.)

In my classroom, each period has their own notebook and their own guardian. It stays in the room and is only taken out with my permission. I encourage kids to look at the notebook if they were gone, or if they just want to check it over. They can make copies of it or take pictures of certain pages.

One of my rules in class is "Nothing on desks unless told otherwise". This is a Ben Slavic rule, and it is very important. Next step is to get rid of desks.

I actually don't just assign this particular job. I want it to be the high-achieving nice-handwriting perfect-attendance student. So I ask anyone who fits this description to volunteer. (They always volunteer.) Then I turn to the class and ask them if they'd be a good Guardian. (They always say yes.)

Magic Notebook Guardian serves teacher and class. Thanks Magic Notebook Guardian!

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