Story Script - Hunting Season

Hunting Season

(The 4 Seasons)



In the Fall, Joe hunts deer. He hunts them with a cucumber. He shoots seeds at them with the cucumber.

In the Winter, Joe hunts Frosty the Snowman. He hunts him with a pencil. He shoots small ears at him with the pencil.

In the Spring, Joe hunts unicorns. He hunts them with his nose. He shoots boogers at them with his nose.

In the Summer, Joe hunts girls. He hunts them with his mouth. He shoots kisses at them with his mouth.

This story works without much acting (except for the kid shooting the goofy “weapons”). As you’ll notice, there isn’t much plot or resolution. For this reason, it is more like a Passive Mini-Story than it is a story. I typically tell it in the present tense for that reason. If there is energy I end up taking it to the story level, usually by expanding on one of the seasons, telling it as if it had happened during the last “hunting season”. The problem is obvious: Joe wants to get the thing he is hunting, and the thing he is hunting is trying to evade him (or ends up hunting Joe).

Hunting is big at my school, so kids usually ask me how to say “hunts,” and at least a couple kids will draw a picture of them hunting on their Circling with Balls cards. It is also not viewed as inappropriate to talk about killing animals for sport or food at our school, by students or faculty. I enjoy engaging kids in PQA about their actual hunting experiences because it is something important to them. But for the storyasking, I choose to not glorify the killing aspect in my classroom, and so the “weapon” in our story is usually not a real gun. I just reject details that are too real (e.g. rifle) and instead encourage goofy details. It has never been an issue as long as I'm confident in what I allow, and I think it is what makes this story fun and comfortable for everyone.

(And remember, take what you like of this script and the rest change or toss out. My scripts are meant to be more suggestion than rule. If you don't want to talk about what the weapon "shoots", don't. You can leave it out. And you can (and hopefull will!) expand on the other details associated with the "hunts" (e.g. where she hunts, with whom she hunts, if she makes noise or is quiet when she hunts, etc). Also, there's no reason why you can't just leave out the seasons, as they're not that high frequency anyways. Instead, you could use the obvious cognates - months - to specify when she hunts.

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