Story Script - Nappy Nap

Nappy Nap

pounds (lbs)

after eating

takes a nap

Jeremy eats 999.9 pounds of mashed potatoes. After eating them, Jeremy takes a nap. He takes a nap on top of the table.

After taking a nap, Jeremy wants more food. Jeremy eats 2000 pounds of corn. After eating it, he takes a nap for 3 hours. He takes a nap in the fridge.

After taking the nap, Jeremy wants pie. He eats 5 pounds of pumpkin pie. After eating it, Jeremy takes a nap in the bathroom.

This story is perfect for the day after Thanksgiving break, in my opinion. But you could easily ask it before Thanksgiving break about the year before.

You can PQA with takes a nap (How many naps did you take over the break? Why do people take so many naps around Thanksgiving? etc).

Before writing the targets up on the board, I like to do a quick vocabulary activity. I write 4 or 5 of the common ‘modern Thanksgiving’ foods on the board (e.g. bread, turkey, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, corn) in both languages, like a matching activity. Then I ask a couple students to come up and try their hand at matching them correctly. After this 3 minute activity, I leave these words on the board so they can call them out in the target language during the story.

TIP: Convert the pounds to kilograms sometime during the story. This will allow for a nice brain break. Be ready with the conversion formula, or have the students search for it on their own.

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