Story Script - St. Paddy's Day Pinch


It's St. Patrick's Day and someone is wearing something green. Person B comes up and pinches them anyway. Person B can't see the green item because they are looking elsewhere...

OR because the item is not typical "clothing" (e.g. Larry is wearing a green water bottle)

Main Questions

Who has on something green? (student)

What is it that they are wearing that is green? (article of clothing, object)

Where do they pinch them? (body part) With what? (fingers, toes, two pencils, etc)

Why does Person B pinch them? (can't see item, item is not clothing)

What are they looking at so as not to be able to see the green item? (other clothes, body part, etc.)


Super Simple

Shirin has on a green sweater. Elliot sees Shirin. Elliot pinches her. He doesn’t see the green sweater, because he is looking at Shirin’s feet.


Larry is wearing green sunglasses. Monica sees Larry. Monica pinches Larry in the chest. Monica doesn’t see the green sunglasses, because she is staring at a leprechaun. Larry says, "Hey, I'm wearing green!"

Somewhat Simple

Carolyn has on green socks. Kim approaches Carolyn. Unfortunately, Kim pinches her anyway. Kim doesn't see the green socks, because she is distracted by Carolyn’s beautiful earrings. She pinches her in the ear with her fingernails. Carolyn says, "Hey, that's not fair, I'm wearing green!" Kim says, "Oh sorry, I didn't see it."

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