Bedtime Story Script - Magic Coloring Book

Tonight makes three nights in a row that my son has asked for the Magic Coloring Book story. Altogher we've done the story five times. I like it. A lot. It's easy. And an easy story makes dad happy at 8pm.

Not to mention, when the story is easy, it leaves me with a more relaxed energy to create voluntarily beyond the script.

So here it is, our current favorite bedtime story script... the Magic Coloring Book!


A kid has a magic coloring book. When he colors something, the image comes to life. So he opens the book to a random page and colors the parts of the image one at a time, carefully selecting colors that best suit the parts.


A young boy has a magic coloring book. He opens it to a random page. On the page is a drawing of the ocean. In the ocean there is a shark and lots of fish.

The boy colors the shark shark first. He looks through his colors and finds a light grey and colors the the shark. Next he colors the fish. He colors them red and orange and green and purple. Lastly, he colors the water. He finds the perfect shade of light blue to color the last part of the drawing.

As he finishes coloring, the book begins to shake. He puts the book into the bathtub so that ocean water fills the bathtub while a mini-shark and mini-fish swim around in the water.


This particular story was the first in which my son said he was a little scared. The suspense of the book shaking in anticipation of the ocean literally flooding the boys kitchen (that's why we had the boy throw it into the bathtub!), coupled with the fact that there was a shark in it (scary!), definitely intensified this story.

Other recent versions have had the boy open up to a page with a pine forest in Arizona (green trees, brown and green needle/pinecone floor, gray sky with an orange sun peaking out) and a Pin Oak tree (brown trunk, darkish green leaves, bue sky, green grass). The latter took root in the middle of the boy's kitchen, while the former was carried over to a nearby parking lot for a pleasant make-over.

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