Summer Postcard - Day Two

Yesterday I wrote a post about Day 1 with the Summer Postcard.

Today we read the notes that came out of that interview. There were somewhere between 10-20 sentences. I'd read one, and then if there was something to ask about or comment about, I'd do so. It lasted about 25 minutes.

(The first 15 min of class was spent with SSR, in the middle of which, because I'm still training them to read for comprehension and not get good at faking it, I had them stop and in 30 seconds each tell their neighbor what they'd read about. Then 30 more seconds what they thought was going to happen next in the novel, then resume reading.)

Some new information came about. For example, the students guessed the other bands that played at the festival where I saw Kid Rock in 2000 (youthful indiscretions). A few students forgot we were interviewing Emma and started telling us in Spanish what concerts they've been to. We learned that Emma goes to lots of concerts. It's kind of her thing apparently.

And we did get crazy and drew a few of the sentences, first them all drawing two different sentences in their notebooks, 30 seconds each, and then several at a time drawing on the whiteboard while I just kept repeating the sentence, in a slightly odd cadence of course.

Tomorrow I am going to do a story. I still haven't decided which I'll do. I'm at that point in which I know enough story plots by heart that I can decide within a couple minutes, or less, which to pursue. We'll see. I'm procrastinatious and lazy that way. I'll report back tomorrow.

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