Summer Postcard - Day Three

Story Day!

But first, we recorded new information we learned yesterday onto the class document. They wrote stuff in their notebooks, then shared with me. I wrote onto class doc while projected for them to see.

Then story.

I wasn't feeling drawn to any story scripts I know of, so I thought of a new one. We did one location of the story in the 35 minutes or so. It's a pretty verbal group of year four students (2 years with legacy methods, so not TCI year four proficient), so they were able to toss out some creative responses to open-ended questions, and articulate challenges to my scripted plot line.

The final 5 minutes I had them write with a partner what happens the next night at the Lee Brice concert, following the same storyline but with different details. They are going to send those to me via email.

So tomorrow we'll read the story/stories, somehow someway.

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