Story Script - The Concert


A student goes to a concert. They are approached by the musician. The musician gives them something.

Main Questions

Which student goes to the concert?

Who is the musician?

Which song are they singing/playing?

What does the musician give to the student?


Super Simple

Nicole is at a Jason Derulo concert. Jason Derulo is singing Wiggle. Jason Derulo looks at Nicole. He walks over to her. He gives her a yellow flower.


Nicole goes to a Kid Rock concert. The concert is at Country on the Rocks. Kid Rock is singing Picture. All of a sudden, Kid Rock stops singing and looks at Nicole. He walks over to her. He pulls a live chicken out of his pocket. He romantically gives her the chicken.

Somewhat Simple

Nicole goes to a Lee Brice concert. The concert takes place at Summer Fest. She is enjoying the music. She is near the stage. Lee Brice is singing his most popular song. All of a sudden, Lee Brice stops singing and looks right at Nicole. He gets down off the stage. He approaches her. He pulls a picture of himself out of his pocket. He carefully gives it to her. He goes back to singing.

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