Story Scripts: What, Why, How

This past weekend I had the great privilege of attending the inaugural

Comprehensible Midwest Conference in Milwaukee. In a nutshell, it was fantastic. (Perhaps I'll get time to post some of my notes,

observations, and celebrations from this full-of-good-vibes event.)

For now, here is a link to my presentation entitled Story Scripts: What, Why, How.

Approximately 30 teachers attended. We had a few laughs at my inability to say "Scandal" correctly more than once without reverting to "Scandalous". Big thanks to Dana our fabulous TV watching actress, and her stage opposite Kerry Washington (played by the talented and helpful Bill Langley). Also shout outs to Annika our question writer (and Angry Corrector!) and to Lisa our story writer. Clock Master... my sincere apologies for having forgotten your name. I bow to thy royal occupation. I am not worthy.

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