CIMW Sept 30 Ripon WI

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In less than 3 weeks Comprehensible Midwest is coming to eastern Wisconsin. Ripon WI to be exact. The second annual.

Bob Patrick is going to speak to everyone as the keynote. To say that he transformed his school's Latin program would be an understatement. For his exceptional work he was named a finalist for the ACTFL Teacher of the Year. I am really looking forward to hearing Bob's message.

I personally believe that state and regional conferences like CIMW that are popping up around the country are a really big and important development. I am jazzed to be participating again this year.

We're moving Equity and Personalization to the front of the conversation. We're training each other in the skills and strategies of Teaching with Comprehensible Input. We're clarifying goals and making plans to achieve them. And we're connecting to make change where we work and live.

I heard if you register in the next couple days you are eligible for a half hour Skype session on the topic(s) of your choice with Bill Van Patten... an unique opportunity to gather with colleagues and/or administration and ask the Diva of SLA whatever is on your mind.

If you're on the fence about it, or think it's maybe too late, go talk to your principal or PD committee chair tomorrow and see if they can expedite your request. This is a grassroots event of teachers, for teachers, by teachers. I don't think you'll regret it.

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