Story Script - Feed My Dog

Gist: A student gets someone to feed her pet, but the person gives the poor animal something bad.

Main Questions Who has the pet that needs to be fed? Why are they unable to feed the pet? Who do they get to do it? What does this person feed the pet? Optional: What happens when the pet gets sick? (not death)

Script Super Simple Garrett has a dog named Oscar. Garrett needs to give Oscar food. But he can’t because he’s ill. So his grandpa gives Oscar food for him. His grandpa gives Oscar a bowl of Fruity Pebbles.

Simple Amanda has a pet chinchilla named Frank. Amanda needs to give food to Frank. But she can’t because she’s on a date. So Amanda asks her sister to give food to her chinchilla. Her sister gives Frank 20 bags of Skittles. Frank gets sick and vomits on her shoes.

Not So Simple Julie has to feed her pet horse. But she can’t because she won the lottery and had to travel to New York immediately. So she calls her friend Alice and asks her to feed the horse. Alice comes to the house and feeds the horse a 50-pound bag of birdseed instead of her normal food. The horse gets sick and starts speaking Spanish.

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