Two Ways I Adapted The Final Exam Today

I've just started another round of Final Exams to finish off another school year. Two things I did differently for my first final today:

1. I chose a typed-up story from a different class last year and quickly changed some of the language to align more with vocabulary I expected them to know. This took about 15 minutes. I had already done the Writing section last week with this class, and knew I wouldn't have time to type up a reading during the actual exam. Plus, since this was a Spanish 3 class, I wanted them to have a bit longer of a story to read. I assessed by having them write a short ending to the story and answering 15 comprehension questions about the story. (I think an English summary would have been a superior tool to assess their comprehension, but I didn't want them having to write two summaries in English given they were assessed like this for the Storytelling section.)

2. Instead of Storyasking, I opted for a Student Interview. I had one student's Summer Postcard yet to talk about for the year, so I pulled up her drawing on the projector and asked her a bunch of questions about her last summer lifeguarding, about her new job waiting tables, and lots of related details. Then I asked 10 comprehension questions in TL about the interview/class discussion that had just taken place.

These adaptations to the Final Exam were to solve a couple class-specific issues. I do not see the need to do it this way from now on. However, I do think these are viable options to the Reading and Storyasking sections, respectively, and I will keep them in mind in the future.

Wishing you a fantastic end-of-the-school-year and an even better summer!!

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