"In late 2014, I had the privilege of observing Jim Tripp teach his students for an entire day.  And I can say without hesitation: He is a master teacher.  

He has a true command of the principles of teaching with comprehensible input. I learned so much from him in my short visit, and I know that his resources will be invaluable in your classroom."


-Jim Wooldridge (Sr. Wooly)

"Jim has a way of getting to the core competencies and making things usable and understandable to people."


-Bryce Hedstrom, Spanish Teacher and Teacher Trainer

"Tripp's scripts are awesome! The targets chosen in the scripts flow well together and encourage classroom conversation. The repetitions are had naturally. And when this happens, I get excited to teach!"


-Eric Herman, Spanish Teacher at Edgartown Elementary School

"Jim's scripts catch the attention of kids. They are masterfully written, fun, and, most importantly, simple. I give them my highest recommendation."


-Ben Slavic, French Teacher and author of TPRS in a Year